our customersneeds for mobile solid waste compactors with good loading capacity, reliability, speed and above all equipped with all the most modern and efficient safety devices, inspired or studies and experiments leading to the creation of a wide range of applications for collection and transporting waste materials. Our production range included equipment with different power and capacities from 8 cubic maters to 26 cubic meters satisfying the most demanding requirements .

Our customers needs for waste transportation solutions with a high quality and ability with high speed and high performance beside equip it with the latest technologies of security systems made us busy with studying and testing that lead to designing and producing varieties of those vehicles equipment for collecting and transporting the wastes with different sizes which between 3.26 and 3.8 to reply the needs.

Mayo factory deals with the premier companies un the field of manufacturing hydraulics like ( hydraulic systems – hydraulic cylinders – hydraulic & gear pumps – p.t.o ) . Over than many years Mayo factory name has stood for excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction as a manufacturer of truck equipment's.