Safety Equipment

Edbro Safety Equipment – High Voltage Alert

Increase operator safety when tipping under power lines with the Edbro HVA unit


  • Clear warning to operator of potential danger in tipping
  • Reduces the risk of power line contact, improving the safety of tipping


  • Compact detection antenna mounted within chassis cab
  • In-cab warning unit with clear audio and visual warnings
  • 12-24 volt unit easily fitted to a range of vehicles including tippers and cranes

Edbro – Inclinometer:

Tip with safety not with guesswork using the Edbro Inclinometer for rigid truck applications


  • Continual monitoring of tipping angle during operation to reduce risk of accident
  • Increased assistance in preventing potential tipper overturns
  • Increased assistance in preventing potential tipper overturns
  • Optimised driver safety to reduce risk of injury and potential liability claims


  • Easy to read in-cab display unit
  • Pneumatic tipping cut off valve
  • IP rated suzi connectors/suzi cable
  • Protective ABS cover
  • IP68 sensor complete with state of the art 3D sensor to indicate sideways chassis movement with accuracy of 0.1° to 360°
  • Options for trailer and rigid chassis
  • 12 or 24 volt options available

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