Edbro – LN Series

The LN series is principally suited to 4x2 trucks up to 16 tonnes GVW. A proven product design with over 50,000 on the global market


  • Increased Payloads
    The World's lightest tipping cylinders providing increased payload and so increased operating profit.
  • increased Lift Capacity
    Advanced design and production engineering techniques including laser welding provide increased lift capacity.
  • Faster Tipping Speeds
    One piece tube construction and increased tube contact faces allow faster tipping speeds.
  • "Fit and Forget" Cylinder
    Innovative design features combined with the highest quality materials and a unique 3-piece sealing system provide a true "Fit and Forget" cylinder.


  • Proven design technology ensures ultimate reliability in operation
  • Combined ram and tank design reduces equipment weight
  • Hydraulic valve mounting is direct to the base of the tank reducing the number of kit components and protecting the valve from the elements
  • In the event of a burst pipe, built in safety features prevent the ram from dropping suddenly

Proven Reliability:

  • With over 50,000 units on the global market the Edbro LN Series has proven its fit and forget reliability in some of the toughest operating environments.
  • Unique cylinder technology allows Edbro cylinders to be stronger, more durable and lighter in weight for the ultimate combination of maximised payload and a product you can trust to last the lifetime of the vehicle.
  • The most popular product on the market in its class, specified by many large rental companies and local authorities, the LN Series from Edbro continues to set industry standards.

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